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Etched Bangles in Light Gold

Sale price$4.65

Bangle Size Chart

We explain how you can easily measure your bangle size in various ways using our easy to understand guide.

Option 1

Request your very own bangle sizer pack - try on and be 100% confident about what fits you the best. Order for £2 here.

Option 2

Simply download the attached PDF document and print it out at 100% scale!

Bees Bangle Size Guide

We hope you find this guide useful so you can continue shopping for your favourite bangles online. Click here to go to our Bangles Homepage.

Happy Shopping!

There's no denying that golden-toned bangles are timeless and can be worn with many wardrobe styles.  Our Etched bangles are simple but they glisten in the light due to their design and smooth finish. 


  • 12 thin aluminium bangles

  • etched detail

  • sizes available

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Etched Bangles in Light Gold
Etched Bangles in Light Gold Sale price$4.65