EVEN A SERENE PERSON can be stressed when they’re planning a wedding.  Naturally, you want everything to be perfect.  We know this all too well – and that’s why we make sure that shopping for your jewels is relaxing, simple, and fun.  Our Colour Coordinators are experts in planning wedding jewellery that is tailored to your style.  
When should you plan to buy your jewels?  Wait until you’ve selected your wedding outfit, and are about two months away from your big day (although it will probably feel like two weeks).  Then bring your outfit in and watch the magic unfold...  Welcome to Bees!
“A girl should be two things - classy and fabulous”


Searching for the right jewellery is a time-consuming part of your wedding preparations.  But when you step into Bees you’ll breathe a sigh of relief.  Based on  Green Street in Upton Park, we have a dedicated section of fabulous wedding jewellery - and offer wonderfully unobtrusive service especially for brides.
At Bees we offer full bridal jewellery coordination services including:
  • ready to wear bridal jewellery
  • expert advise from our team of Colour Coordinators
  • bespoke bridal jewellery design
  • guaranteed delivery dates for your custom jewellery
  • piece of mind guarantee on all of your jewellery


“What’s your colour?”

Selecting the right colour shade is important and helps create your look and individual style. We assess the different tones and decide on the best mix to complement your outfit and your personal style.   Our Colour Coordinator artistically blend together the perfect hues, choosing an array of bangles with different textures and designs. In a few moments the bangles are ready for the bride. It’s your big day and comfort is everything. Our Colour Coordinators will ensure that your jewellery fits you perfectly. Your necklace is shaped to rest on your collar bone and should be styled to complement your outfit’s neckline. Bangles should never fall around your hands - instead they should sit around your wrists, for easy movement when worn. At Bees you’ll find four sizes including 2.4, 2.6, 2.8 and 2.10 (diameter in inches). Bridal outfits come in a multitude of colours - and we love it when vivid tones mix together!  Sometimes brides ask us to make bespoke pieces to match the shades in their outfits. Our workshop specialises in colour-matching the gems, beads and crystals found in your jewellery.  As long as there’s enough time before the big day, we can customise your pieces perfectly. All your bridal jewellery is protected by our one year guarantee. We understand that for every bride, the investment you make in your jewellery is important, not just financially, but emotionally too.
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