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Tropical Travels

Elevate your summer style with boho-inspired holiday jewellery, adorned in antique gold and rhodium finishes.  Our holiday jewellery are perfect beach accessories that effortlessly blend chic and stylish vibes in the sun.

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Product type
Teal Plain BanglesTeal Plain Bangles
Teal Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Save £2.50Lara Beaded Anklet in PearlLara Beaded Anklet in Pearl
Lara Beaded Anklet in Pearl Sale price£7.50 Regular price£10.00
Masoom Small Earrings in Maroon
Rhodes Green Bangle SetRhodes Green Bangle Set
Rhodes Green Bangle Set Sale price£9.00
Roseate Plain BanglesRoseate Plain Bangles
Roseate Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Watermelon Pink Bangle StackWatermelon Pink Bangle Stack
Sofiya Bead Bracelet in Light PinkSofiya Bead Bracelet in Light Pink
Parrot Green Plain BanglesParrot Green Plain Bangles
Delicate Pear Ring in RubyDelicate Pear Ring in Ruby
Delicate Pear Ring in Ruby Sale price£12.99
Azure Blue Plain BanglesAzure Blue Plain Bangles
Azure Blue Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
TrendingPeach Gold Dot BanglesPeach Gold Dot Bangles
Peach Gold Dot Bangles Sale price£7.20
Hot Pink Plain BanglesHot Pink Plain Bangles
Hot Pink Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Pale Yellow Plain BanglesPale Yellow Plain Bangles
Pale Yellow Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
County Green Gold Dot BanglesCounty Green Gold Dot Bangles
Carnation Pink Bangle StackCarnation Pink Bangle Stack
Leela Double Chain Anklet in JadeLeela Double Chain Anklet in Jade
Maria Bracelet in Light PinkMaria Bracelet in Light Pink
Ravishing Coral Bangle StackRavishing Coral Bangle Stack
Maria Bracelet in GreenMaria Bracelet in Green
Maria Bracelet in Green Sale price£5.50
Etched Bangles in RedEtched Bangles in Red
Etched Bangles in Red Sale price£7.20
Dewdrop Triple Red Long ChainDewdrop Triple Red Long Chain
Dot Embossed Fuchsia Pink BanglesDot Embossed Fuchsia Pink Bangles
Dot Embossed Purple BanglesDot Embossed Purple Bangles
Orange Glitter BanglesOrange Glitter Bangles
Orange Glitter Bangles Sale price£7.20
Sofiya Bead Bracelet in Deep GreenSofiya Bead Bracelet in Deep Green
Ella Small Cluster 1" Hoops in MintElla Small Cluster 1" Hoops in Mint
Bubble Gum Bangle StackBubble Gum Bangle Stack
Bubble Gum Bangle Stack Sale price£7.20
Masoom Small Earrings in GreenMasoom Small Earrings in Green
Leela Double Chain Anklet in Baby PinkLeela Double Chain Anklet in Baby Pink
Saveri Ring in MintSaveri Ring in Mint
Saveri Ring in Mint Sale price£12.00
Masoom Small Earrings in Light Pink
Save £2.50Maria Beaded Anklet in Light BlueMaria Beaded Anklet in Light Blue
Maria Beaded Anklet in Light Blue Sale price£7.50 Regular price£10.00
Save £7.50Ella Cluster Hoops in RubyElla Cluster Hoops in Ruby
Ella Cluster Hoops in Ruby Sale price£15.00 Regular price£22.50
Naya Teardrop Studs in PinkNaya Teardrop Studs in Pink
County Green Plain BangleCounty Green Plain Bangle
Leela Double Chain Anklet in RedLeela Double Chain Anklet in Red
Mint Gold Dot Matte BanglesMint Gold Dot Matte Bangles
Save £4.50Lara Beaded Anklet in GreenLara Beaded Anklet in Green
Lara Beaded Anklet in Green Sale price£7.50 Regular price£12.00
Save £2.50Maria Beaded Anklet in MintMaria Beaded Anklet in Mint
Maria Beaded Anklet in Mint Sale price£7.50 Regular price£10.00
Light Blue Glitter BanglesLight Blue Glitter Bangles
Seaweed Green Gold Dot BanglesSeaweed Green Gold Dot Bangles