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Mughal Serenity

Mughal Serenity

This collection mirrors the grace and beauty of a serene garden, featuring elegantly simple and timeless designs.  The gentle green hues paired with delicate pearls evoke a sense of tranquillity and elegance, creating pieces that you’ll cherish and wear repeatedly. 

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Product type
Forever Floral Hand Chain in GreenForever Floral Hand Chain in Green
Ethnic Bangle Set in GreenEthnic Bangle Set in Green
Save $25.77Jasmine Necklace Set in GreenJasmine Necklace Set in Green
Jasmine Necklace Set in Green Sale price$45.09 Regular price$70.86
Marina Ring in GreenMarina Ring in Green
Marina Ring in Green Sale price$9.02
Frida Floral Earstuds in Green
Save $3.86Single Jhumka Earrings in Green
Single Jhumka Earrings in Green Sale price$19.33 Regular price$23.19
Lucia Cubic Zirconia Bracelet in Green
Lucia Cubic Zirconia Anklet in Green
Alaya Maang Tikka in Green
Green Cubic Zirconia Nose PinGreen Cubic Zirconia Nose Pin
Green Cubic Zirconia Nose Pin Sale priceFrom $7.09
Green and Gold Thread Bangle StackGreen and Gold Thread Bangle Stack
Save $2.58Bijou Cubic Zirconia Earrings in GreenBijou Cubic Zirconia Earrings in Green
Bijou Cubic Zirconia Earrings in Green Sale price$14.17 Regular price$16.75
Masoom Small Earrings in Green
Leela Double Chain Anklet in JadeLeela Double Chain Anklet in Jade
Green Velvet BanglesGreen Velvet Bangles
Green Velvet Bangles Sale price$9.28
Leela Bracelet in JadeLeela Bracelet in Jade
Leela Bracelet in Jade Sale price$7.73
Sajni Cubic Zirconia Bangle in GreenSajni Cubic Zirconia Bangle in Green
Leela Bracelet in EmeraldLeela Bracelet in Emerald
Leela Double Chain Anklet in EmeraldLeela Double Chain Anklet in Emerald
Oval Ring in Emerald GreenOval Ring in Emerald Green
Save $25.77Emerald and Pearl Long ChainEmerald and Pearl Long Chain
Emerald and Pearl Long Chain Sale price$45.09 Regular price$70.86
Parrot Green Plain BanglesParrot Green Plain Bangles
County Green Plain BangleCounty Green Plain Bangle
Emerald Thread and Antique Bangle SetEmerald Thread and Antique Bangle Set