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Hand Jewellery

Hand Jewellery

Immerse yourself in the sheer enchantment of our hand jewellery collection, where rings, bracelets and hand chains come together in a harmonious symphony of beauty. Designed with a tender touch and adorned with delicate details, each piece exudes a soft, ethereal allure that will effortlessly elevate your style and captivate hearts with its timeless grace.

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Product type
Save $0.64Leela Ring in MaroonLeela Ring in Maroon
Leela Ring in Maroon Sale price$3.87 Regular price$4.51
Maria Handpiece in GoldMaria Handpiece in Gold
Maria Handpiece in Gold Sale price$12.88
Leela Bracelet in EmeraldLeela Bracelet in Emerald
Save $0.64Leela Ring in Light PinkLeela Ring in Light Pink
Leela Ring in Light Pink Sale price$3.87 Regular price$4.51
Classic Teardrop HandpieceClassic Teardrop Handpiece
Leela Bracelet in ChampagneLeela Bracelet in Champagne
Save $3.86Joy Ring in MintJoy Ring in Mint
Joy Ring in Mint Sale price$3.87 Regular price$7.73
Ishita Hand Chain in Antique GoldIshita Hand Chain in Antique Gold
Blossom Ring in Antique GoldBlossom Ring in Antique Gold
Pearl Edged Round Ring Sale price$9.66
Teardrop Handpiece in Pearl and Antique GoldTeardrop Handpiece in Pearl and Antique Gold
Rhodium Pear RingRhodium Pear Ring
Rhodium Pear Ring Sale price$7.72
Marina Ring in MintMarina Ring in Mint
Marina Ring in Mint Sale price$9.02
Blossom Ring in WhiteBlossom Ring in White
Blossom Ring in White Sale price$7.73
Save $0.64Leela Ring in RubyLeela Ring in Ruby
Leela Ring in Ruby Sale price$3.87 Regular price$4.51
Lily Handpiece in SilverLily Handpiece in Silver
Lily Handpiece in Silver Sale price$32.21
Maria Bracelet in MaroonMaria Bracelet in Maroon
Maria Bracelet in Maroon Sale price$7.09
Forever Floral Bracelet in Antique GoldForever Floral Bracelet in Antique Gold
Saveri Ring in MaroonSaveri Ring in Maroon
Saveri Ring in Maroon Sale price$15.46
Marina Ring in GreenMarina Ring in Green
Marina Ring in Green Sale price$9.02
Jaya Ring in PearlJaya Ring in Pearl
Jaya Ring in Pearl Sale price$12.87
Maria Handpiece in BlackMaria Handpiece in Black
Maria Handpiece in Black Sale price$12.88
Cora Handpiece in GreyCora Handpiece in Grey
Cora Handpiece in Grey Sale price$12.88
Dipali Hand Chain in RhodiumDipali Hand Chain in Rhodium
Grace Handpiece in Pearl and Antique GoldGrace Handpiece in Pearl and Antique Gold
Teardrop Pearl Edge Ring in Light PinkTEARDROP PEARL EDGE RING IN LIGHT PINK
Lola Cubic Zirconia Bracelet in NavyLola Cubic Zirconia Bracelet in Navy
Lola Cubic Zirconia Bracelet in Light Pink and RhodiumLola Cubic Zirconia Bracelet in Light Pink and Rhodium
Cubic Zirconia Celeste Bracelet in WhiteCubic Zirconia Celeste Bracelet in White
Mahira Bead Bracelet in MaroonMahira Bead Bracelet in Maroon
Leela Bracelet in RedLeela Bracelet in Red
Leela Bracelet in Red Sale price$7.73
Leela Bracelet in MintLeela Bracelet in Mint
Leela Bracelet in Mint Sale price$7.73
Saveri Ring in RhodiumSaveri Ring in Rhodium
Saveri Ring in Rhodium Sale price$15.46
Save $3.86Joy Ring in RhodiumJoy Ring in Rhodium
Joy Ring in Rhodium Sale price$3.87 Regular price$7.73
Sorrell Ring in Champagne CrystalSorrell Ring in Champagne Crystal
Savannah Ring in Antique GoldSavannah Ring in Antique Gold
Saheli Oversized Ring in MintSaheli Oversized Ring in Mint
Pearl Edged Ring in WhitePearl Edged Ring in White
Ornate Ring in Pearl and Antique GoldOrnate Ring in Pearl and Antique Gold
Marina Ring in MaroonMarina Ring in Maroon
Marina Ring in Maroon Sale price$9.02
Marina Ring in NavyMarina Ring in Navy
Marina Ring in Navy Sale price$9.02
Marina Ring in Light PinkMarina Ring in Light Pink
Delicate Pear Ring in RubyDelicate Pear Ring in Ruby
Classic Floral Oversized Ring in MaroonClassic Floral Oversized Ring in Maroon
Classic Floral Oversized Ring in NavyClassic Floral Oversized Ring in Navy
Ameya Ring in Antique GoldAmeya Ring in Antique Gold
Pearl Hand Chain in Antique GoldPearl Hand Chain in Antique Gold
Cora Handpiece in Pearl and Antique GoldCora Handpiece in Pearl and Antique Gold