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Antique Rings

From delicate single-stoned to Mughal inspired statement rings, each of our rings boasts traditional, intricate designs adorned with a lavish gold finish.  They capture the essence of timeless sophistication making them a popular hand accessory whatever the celebration. 

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Product type
Jiera Classic Ring in GreenJiera Classic Ring in Green
Jiera Classic Ring in Green Sale price£13.00
Delicate Pear Ring in RubyDelicate Pear Ring in Ruby
Delicate Pear Ring in Ruby Sale price£12.99
Forever Floral Ring in Light Topaz
Kasha Ring in Antique GoldKasha Ring in Antique Gold
TrendingMarina Ring in MintMarina Ring in Mint
Marina Ring in Mint Sale price£7.00
Marina Ring in Light PinkMarina Ring in Light Pink
Marina Ring in Light Pink Sale price£7.00
Forever Floral Ring in Pearl and RhodiumForever Floral Ring in Pearl and Rhodium
Yasmin Ring in Champagne CrystalYasmin Ring in Champagne Crystal
Saheli Oversized Ring in MintSaheli Oversized Ring in Mint
Jaya Ring in PearlJaya Ring in Pearl
Jaya Ring in Pearl Sale price£9.99
Save £0.50Leela Ring in MaroonLeela Ring in Maroon
Leela Ring in Maroon Sale price£3.00 Regular price£3.50
Jiera Classic Ring in RubyJiera Classic Ring in Ruby
Jiera Classic Ring in Ruby Sale price£13.00
Saveri Ring in MaroonSaveri Ring in Maroon
Saveri Ring in Maroon Sale price£12.00
Saveri Ring in GreenSaveri Ring in Green
Saveri Ring in Green Sale price£12.00
Marina Ring in MaroonMarina Ring in Maroon
Marina Ring in Light TopazMarina Ring in Light Topaz
Marina Ring in GreenMarina Ring in Green
Marina Ring in NavyMarina Ring in Navy
Marina Ring in Navy Sale price£7.00
Marina Ring in BlackMarina Ring in Black
Pearl Edged Ring in WhitePearl Edged Ring in White
Pearl Edged Ring in White Sale price£6.00
Saveri Ring in MintSaveri Ring in Mint
Saveri Ring in Mint Sale price£12.00
Saveri Ring in WhiteSaveri Ring in White
Saveri Ring in White Sale price£12.00
Jaya Ring in GreenJaya Ring in Green
Jaya Ring in Green Sale price£9.99
Saheli Oversized Ring in Light PinkSaheli Oversized Ring in Light Pink
Shana Oversized Ring in MintShana Oversized Ring in Mint
Shana Oversized Round Ring in PearlShana Oversized Round Ring in Pearl
Grand Teardrop Ring in Antique GoldGrand Teardrop Ring in Antique Gold
Maisie Ring in Champagne CrystalMaisie Ring in Champagne Crystal
Savannah Ring in Antique GoldSavannah Ring in Antique Gold
Magnolia White Crystal RingMagnolia White Crystal Ring
Oval Ring in Antique GoldOval Ring in Antique Gold
Oval Ring in Antique Gold Sale price£9.50
Simple Teardrop Ring in Champagne CrystalSimple Teardrop Ring in Champagne Crystal
Sorrell Ring in Champagne CrystalSorrell Ring in Champagne Crystal
Sorrell Ring in White CrystalSorrell Ring in White Crystal
Oval Ring in Emerald GreenOval Ring in Emerald Green
Pearl Oversized Round Ring in TopazPearl Oversized Round Ring in Topaz
Cluster RingCluster Ring
Cluster Ring Sale price£9.50
Antique Round RingAntique Round Ring
Antique Round Ring Sale price£15.99
TrendingPearl Edged Round RingPEARL EDGED ROUND RING
Pearl Edged Round Ring Sale price£7.50
Save £0.50Leela Ring in RubyLeela Ring in Ruby
Leela Ring in Ruby Sale price£3.00 Regular price£3.50
Amoura Ring in Pearl and GoldAmoura Ring in Pearl and Gold
Antique Gold Teardrop RingAntique Gold Teardrop Ring
Antique Gold Teardrop Ring Sale price£12.99
Cosmos Ring in Champagne and Antique GoldCosmos Ring in Champagne and Antique Gold
Cosmos Ring in Antique GoldCosmos Ring in Antique Gold
Lily Petal Ring in Champagne CrystalLily Petal Ring in Champagne Crystal
Daffodil Ring in Champagne CrystalDaffodil Ring in Champagne Crystal
Daffodil Ring in White CrystalDaffodil Ring in White Crystal
Bloom Ring in Champagne CrystalBloom Ring in Champagne Crystal