Thread bangles - a must have!

In Spring this year we introduced thread bangles to our range of coloured bangles. It certainly went down a treat as we saw everyone fall in love with the delicately hand-woven bangles. It's nice to see the trend return as we use to stock them in our early days about 15-20 years ago. I suppose fashion really does go in cycles!

Yesterday we featured these luscious green and fuchsia threaded bangles - perfect for a mehndi bride. We certainly took inspiration from traditional bright colours as you can see. 

It's probably worth noting - thread bangles on their own work wonderfully - adding the stone bangles just creates a break to the eye and enhances any bridal outfit. As you can see we mixed our signature Mughal Princess Collection thin kara bangles in-between. This helps to centre the bangle set. 

We stock a total of 5 designs and 11 colours in our thread bangle range. Here's a few example bangle sets to get your imagination going. 

Let us know what you think about thread bangles - favourite colours, do you prefer it simple or detailed with different styles? Follow our Instagram for more inspiration...

See you in-store!!

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