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Plain Bangles

When we first introduced plain bangles in the UK we started with 8 colours. We worked hard to create and manufacture 44 more new colours of plain bangles. We understood that matching bangles to your outfit is how bangles are supposed to be worn. We now carry over 60 shades of plain bangles. Two dozen bangles for £7.20. When people think of colourful metal bangles, they think of Bees. We stock the biggest collection of bangles outside of India. And we make it easy to purchase.

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Product type
Forest Green Gold Dot BanglesForest Green Gold Dot Bangles
Dark Green Gold Dotted BanglesDark Green Gold Dotted Bangles
Black Glitter Etched BanglesBlack Glitter Etched Bangles
Azure Blue Plain BanglesAzure Blue Plain Bangles
Azure Blue Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Mauve Gold Dotted BanglesMauve Gold Dotted Bangles
Mauve Gold Dotted Bangles Sale price£7.20
Maroon Plain BanglesMaroon Plain Bangles
Maroon Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Peach Plain BanglesPeach Plain Bangles
Peach Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Mehndi Green Glitter Etched BanglesMehndi Green Glitter Etched Bangles
Dark Green Plain BanglesDark Green Plain Bangles
Dark Green Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20
Maroon Diamond Cut Glitter BanglesMaroon Diamond Cut Glitter Bangles
Mulberry Gold Dot Glitter BanglesMulberry Gold Dot Glitter Bangles
County Green Plain BangleCounty Green Plain Bangle
Feather Grey Silver Dot BanglesFeather Grey Silver Dot Bangles
Deep Purple Diamond Cut BanglesDeep Purple Diamond Cut Bangles
Plum Purple Matte Gold Dot BanglesPlum Purple Matte Gold Dot Bangles
Grey Diamond Cut Glitter BanglesGrey Diamond Cut Glitter Bangles
Gold Diamond Cut BanglesGold Diamond Cut Bangles
Gold Diamond Cut Bangles Sale price£7.20
Etched Bangles in Light GoldEtched Bangles in Light Gold
Seaweed Green Gold Dot BanglesSeaweed Green Gold Dot Bangles
Red Diamond Cut BanglesRed Diamond Cut Bangles
Red Diamond Cut Bangles Sale price£7.20
Rose Diamond Cut BanglesRose Diamond Cut Bangles
Rose Diamond Cut Bangles Sale price£7.20
Dark Chocolate Plain BangleDark Chocolate Plain Bangle
Dot Embossed Khaki Green BanglesDot Embossed Khaki Green Bangles
State Blue Gold Dot BanglesState Blue Gold Dot Bangles
Mustard Diamond Cut Glitter BanglesMustard Diamond Cut Glitter Bangles
Cobalt Blue Etched BanglesCobalt Blue Etched Bangles
Textured Silver BanglesTextured Silver Bangles
Textured Silver Bangles Sale price£3.60
Rose Pink Gold Dot BanglesRose Pink Gold Dot Bangles
Aubergine Plait BanglesAubergine Plait Bangles
Aubergine Plait Bangles Sale price£7.20
Maroon Gloss Glitter Dot BanglesMaroon Gloss Glitter Dot Bangles
Silver Dot Embossed BanglesSilver Dot Embossed Bangles
Oyster Yellow Gold Dot BanglesOyster Yellow Gold Dot Bangles
Cobalt Blue Glitter Etched BanglesCobalt Blue Glitter Etched Bangles
Honeydew Green Gold Dot BanglesHoneydew Green Gold Dot Bangles
Dot Embossed Gold BanglesDot Embossed Gold Bangles
Dot Embossed Gold Bangles Sale price£7.20
Smokey Grey Gold Dot BanglesSmokey Grey Gold Dot Bangles
Grey Diamond Cut Plain BangleGrey Diamond Cut Plain Bangle
Dot Embossed Fuchsia Pink BanglesDot Embossed Fuchsia Pink Bangles
Silver Patterned BanglesSilver Patterned Bangles
Silver Patterned Bangles Sale price£7.20
Textured Deep Orange BanglesTextured Deep Orange Bangles
Mustard Shiny Glitter BanglesMustard Shiny Glitter Bangles
Dot Embossed Purple BanglesDot Embossed Purple Bangles
Gold Glitter Dot BanglesGold Glitter Dot Bangles
Gold Glitter Dot Bangles Sale price£7.20
Orange Glitter BanglesOrange Glitter Bangles
Orange Glitter Bangles Sale price£7.20
Maroon Glitter Etched BanglesMaroon Glitter Etched Bangles
Maroon Diamond Cut BanglesMaroon Diamond Cut Bangles
Cobalt Blue Diamond Cut Glitter BanglesCobalt Blue Diamond Cut Glitter Bangles
Terracotta Plain BanglesTerracotta Plain Bangles
Terracotta Plain Bangles Sale price£7.20