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Gold Jewellery

Our gold jewellery adorned with champagne crystals exudes an Indian-inspired charm, making it a staple in jewellery boxes.  From our golden necklace sets to our bridal-worthy anklets, each piece brings an old-age allure, that effortlessly blend heritage with timeless elegance.

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Product type
Swirl Hoops in GoldSwirl Hoops in Gold
Swirl Hoops in Gold Sale price£5.99
Plain Hoops in GoldPlain Hoops in Gold
Plain Hoops in Gold Sale price£7.99
Diamond Cut Hoops in GoldDiamond Cut Hoops in Gold
Diamond Cut Hoops in Gold Sale price£5.99
Mila Bead Chain in GoldMila Bead Chain in Gold
Mila Bead Chain in Gold Sale price£28.50
Daisy Studs in Antique GoldDaisy Studs in Antique Gold
Nora Pearl and Champagne EarringsNora Pearl and Champagne Earrings
Ella Cluster Hoops in GoldElla Cluster Hoops in Gold
Ella Cluster Hoops in Gold Sale price£18.00
TrendingRegal Filigree Bangles in MultiRegal Filigree Bangles in Multi
Thin Pearl and Champagne BanglesThin Pearl and Champagne Bangles
TrendingThin Champagne and Bead BanglesThin Champagne and Bead Bangles
Double Beaded Antique BanglesDouble Beaded Antique Bangles
Champagne Crystal and Beaded BanglesChampagne Crystal and Beaded Bangles
Daisy Beaded and White Thin BanglesDaisy Beaded and White Thin Bangles
Facet Beaded White Thin BangleFacet Beaded White Thin Bangle
White Diamante Trio Antique Thin BanglesWhite Diamante Trio Antique Thin Bangles
Sequence Bead and Champagne Thin BanglesSequence Bead and Champagne Thin Bangles
Facet Beaded Champagne Thin BanglesFacet Beaded Champagne Thin Bangles
Champagne Diamante Trio Antique Thin BanglesChampagne Diamante Trio Antique Thin Bangles
Barrel Antique and Champagne Thin BanglesBarrel Antique and Champagne Thin Bangles
Antique Wire and Champagne Thin BanglesAntique Wire and Champagne Thin Bangles
Facet Bead and Pearl Antique BanglesFacet Bead and Pearl Antique Bangles
Pearl and Bead Thin BanglesPearl and Bead Thin Bangles
Save £3.00Diamond Cut Antique BanglesDiamond Cut Antique Bangles
Diamond Cut Antique Bangles Sale price£3.00 Regular price£6.00
Save £5.00Classic Gold Filigree BanglesClassic Gold Filigree Bangles
Classic Gold Filigree Bangles Sale price£10.00 Regular price£15.00
Cream Thread and Antique Bangle SetCream Thread and Antique Bangle Set
TrendingGold Thread and Antique Bangle SetGold Thread and Antique Bangle Set
TrendingAntique Stone and Wire BanglesAntique Stone and Wire Bangles
Antique Gold Drum BanglesAntique Gold Drum Bangles
Antique Gold Drum Bangles Sale price£14.00
Warm Beige Bangle SetWarm Beige Bangle Set
Warm Beige Bangle Set Sale price£12.00
TrendingPearl Edged Round RingPEARL EDGED ROUND RING
Pearl Edged Round Ring Sale price£7.50
Antique Round RingAntique Round Ring
Antique Round Ring Sale price£15.99
Cluster RingCluster Ring
Cluster Ring Sale price£9.50
Willow Antique Pearl EarringsWillow Antique Pearl Earrings
Primrose Pearl EarringsPrimrose Pearl Earrings
Primrose Pearl Earrings Sale price£25.00
Leela Studs in ChampagneLeela Studs in Champagne
Leela Studs in Champagne Sale price£5.50
Olive Stud EarringsOlive Stud Earrings
Olive Stud Earrings Sale price£9.00
Small White Crystal Rose Earrings
Save £22.50Lotus Drop Earrings
Lotus Drop Earrings Sale price£20.00 Regular price£42.50
Hearts Antique Long EarringsHearts Antique Long Earrings
Save £22.50Filigree and Pearl Droplet EarringsFiligree and Pearl Droplet Earrings
Filigree and Pearl Droplet Earrings Sale price£20.00 Regular price£42.50
Raindrop with Pearl AnkletRaindrop with Pearl Anklet
Raindrop with Pearl Anklet Sale price£24.99