Antique Gold

Let the sunshine in - our antique jewels of the moment are here. Switch off the forecast, plan an exciting night out, and make your own fun!


How do you feel about maroon jewels? Rich, glorious maroon has depth of colour and emotion. We've commissioned a collection that's vibrant and modern, with a wry nod to tradition.


Monochrome jewellery is always on trend, and works with anything. So choose something stylish in glossy black and you'll be wearing it for every occasion this year!


Glamorous green releases your inner vixen! Enjoy discovering your daring side - pick from gorgeous green emerald earrings, necklace sets and coordinating bangles for a look that puts the glitter back in your eyes!


Flirty and feminine pink is as essential as lipstick. Choose pink jewellery to highlight your fun side - it's perfect for casual cocktails and glamorous affairs like weddings. From radiant fuchsia to glowing rose, pink has lots of moods and styles - pick your favourites here.


Red is bold, glamorous, and a little bit saucy! One of our favourite colours, red's dazzling with silver, gold, and emerald. Beware! We've unleashed its power in extravagant necklace sets, ruby-red earrings and crimson cocktail rings - the results are totally irresistible.


Feeling purplish? We're always in the mood for jewels in astounding amethyst and stormy violet. Here are the purple highlights from our latest collections…


Welcome to the Bees treasure vault! Piles of glittering gold inlaid with crystals and beadwork - all yours for wearing. Here's our coveted gold selection, with shades of amber, glowing russet and burnished bronze. Come in and pull out something spectacular!


Classically beautiful, elegant, and restrained - shining silver is a favourite for life. Here are pieces of jewellery that put a silvery shimmer in your day. Try one and recall why silver puts the sparkle in the night sky.