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Blog - Top places to visit on Green Street - Part 5 - PureJewels | Bees

Top places to visit on Green Street - Part 5 - PureJewels
By Hernoor 24 Oct 2014 23:11:19

Life is a Journey...

On their visit to the east-end jewellery quarter, Sukhman and Hernoor picked our fine jewellery division, PureJewels, as a top place to visit. Speaking with Brand Manager, Jayant, they learn how the story began and catch a glimpse of the true value of craftsmanship.

At PureJewels, their reputation as innovative designers and expert craftsmen jewellers shines just as bright as their diamonds. You’ll have complete peace of mind knowing that they will be with you every step of the way from the moment you choose your first engagement ring to celebrating your 25thwedding anniversary. Come and be a part of the journey…

PureJewels Gold Bead Necklace

How did the idea of Pure Jewels come about? 

Our story begins in India and dates back to 8 generations of design makers. My Grandfather, Bhanji Gokaldas who was a designer and master craftsman, founded the company in Nairobi, Kenya in 1950. We have been established in the UK since 1975 and rebranded in 2008 from Bhanji Gokaldas and Sons to PureJewels.    

What excites you about your working day?

We are a very relationship orientated company and for me, there is nothing greater than meeting existing clients and new people.  Our clients are people that are celebrating special moments and milestones in their lives and I take great pride in selling peace of mind them and being a part of their journey. 

PureJewels Diamond Bracelet

What has been your most memorable moment/achievement at PureJewels?

We launched our online website in 2003 ( at a time when you couldn’t sell precious valuables online. I remember we didn’t take a single order until 3 days later- we took an order for cufflinks in sterling silver from a client in North West England and this proved our case that we can sell gold and diamonds online.  

What 3 words would you use to describe PureJewels?

Trusting, experimental in design, discerning in product selections

PureJewels Gold Necklace

What is a typical customer experience at PureJewels like?

We make the customer feel excited and we exceed expectations. In fact, we don’t feel we have done our job properly if we haven’t surpassed your needs.  Our after care is an example of the admiration we have for our customers. The customer always feels pampered, even with small purchases. 

PureJewels Design Books

Your logo is interesting. What is the story behind it? 

Our logo encompasses the idea of journeys. One is our journey from India, to Kenya, to the UK and the other is the journey of our products as traditional pieces to more contemporary designs with a touch of the East. If you look closely, it also looks like a 5 pointed compass which again, goes back to the idea of a journey.

We genuinely felt that Jayant and his warm and welcoming team are no strangers to creating and being a part of those memories most dear to your heart but don’t just take our word for it. Come and see for yourself how being pampered is an essential part of the Pure Jewels brand.

PureJewels Store Green Street

Store address: 290-292 Green Street, Forest Gate, London E7 8LF

Become part of the journey - head over to PureJewels' Website Facebook & Instagram.

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