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Meenakari & Kundan Bridal Jewellery
By Bees 5 Sep 2014 19:30:42

At Bees, we love working with jewellery from all over India. It's incredible how design, style and the making process of jewellery changes as you travel from North India to South India. Rajasthani-style jewellery holds a very special place in ours hearts as the Mughal Princess Collection has been based on this region of India. As a material, kundan has offered jewellery makers the ability to be creative and expressive. Another important part to adding the finishing touch to kundan jewellery is colour - a highly skilled process known in Hindi as 'Meenakari' or enamelling. This extract below by Bhandari explains the depths of this final process beautifully. 

"Meenakari (also spelt Minakari) is enamel work, which originated under the patronage of Mirza Raja Man Singh (1590-1614), the ruler of Jaipur. A chemical process employing a variety of chemicals, for example - metallic oxides, creates Mina or enamel. These metallic oxides are used as colour ants. For example, cobalt oxides for blue, copper oxides for green and gold chloride for red. Meenakari combines the skill of several specialist craftsmen like the goldsmith, the engraver, and the enamel worker. First the goldsmith creates a basic item of jewellery. The designer then draws the pattern on the surface of this article. The engraver strips off the metallic coating from the sections within this pattern that are to be enamelled. He scores the surface fairly deep to allow enamel to seep in. The enamel worker takes over from here. He applies the colours, starting with those such as white, which have the highest degree of fire resistance and ending with a colour like red, which has the lowest resistance. In the final stage, the article is fired in a kiln." - Bhandari.

Our range of kundan bridal jewellery is inspired by the craftsmanship of Rajasthan which makes it the most timeless piece of jewellery. 


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