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LCT - the colour of the moment
By Bees 7 Apr 2015 23:58:35

Light Colorado Topaz "LCT" - the colour of the moment which represents modesty, calm and confidence. This bridal season we've seen a lot of outfits adorned with crystals in this colour tone to bring warmth against a traditional red or deep blue base. You'll find LCT in an array of collections including the Mughal Princess and Flora.

We've selected some of our favourite outfits and created a board on Pinterest to show you how we would coordinate LCT.  A little inspiration for this summers wedding season!

Anita Dongre - Bridal Outfit

Summer wedding look. Sometimes we don't get to see the entire outfit either - luckily our coordinators are colour experts and can visualise what jewellery would work best with certain styles and patterns. We're a fan of Anita Dongre and this majestic creation of hers has a 'summer wedding' vibe! Beautiful strong fuchsia and orange, combined with an ivory base. We'd mix the jewellery up - using LCT as the base colour and select fuchsia as the main stone colour on the bridal necklace. Then we'd add all three colours in a beautiful long stack of bangles with an antique/LCT base. We'd even go for a simple full-LCT belt and double-layer matha patti. The only question is beach wedding in Miami or Lake Palace in Udaipur?

LCT Bridal Set

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