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Top places to visit on Green Street - Part 4 - Green Village
By Sukhman 3 Sep 2014 19:20:35

Our very own ‘Rasoi Queen’, Madhur Jaffrey and Michelin star chef, Atul Kochhar will agree that, the difference between good food and great food all lies in the ingredients you use so, where better to go for fresh fruit and veg than ‘Green Village’- you just can’t ‘beet’ them on quality or price. Meet Mukesh, a true veteran in the grocery market... 

Green Village Green Street

How did the idea of Green Village come about?

We have been in the fruit and veg business for the past 25 years but Green Village was our expansion plan to the greengrocer we already had in South West London. We often get told its ironic how a greengrocer by the name of ‘Green Village’ should settle on Green Street!

What excites you about your working day at Gifts and Favours?

It feels great to know that we are an important part of the South Asian community that live in the surrounding areas that use our ingredients to prepare food from the motherland that has essentially been passed down from generations.

Green Village - Vegetables

What has been your most memorable moment/achievement for Green Village?

Our memorable moment would be in the late 90s when the shop was at its peak. We have obtained many loyal customers since then and have become a household name for the people that live nearby. 

What 3 words would you use to describe Green Village? 

Quality, fresh and helpful service. 

Green Village - Helpful Service

What is a typical customer experience at Green Village like?

All our displays are noticeable and all products within the display are handpicked from the boxes to ensure customers get the best produce available. Customers can come into the shop and select their own products, some customers can ask a member of staff for advice and we are more than happy to help.

Tell us an interesting fact about fruit/veg that you think our readers would like to know?

Most people won’t know that oranges are not the only source of vitamin C. They can increase their uptake by buying darker green vegetables as these contain more vitamin C than lighter green vegetables.

So next time you’re thinking of re-creating a mouth-watering dish from the Motherland, you’ll know exactly where to go. These ingredients are no secret, for anyone that loves to cook with the finest and freshest produce knows that Green Village is just the place to go!

Store address: 10 Green Street, Forest Gate, London E7 8LH

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