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Beautiful Rakhee
Posted in Trends | By Bees
24 Oct 2015 23:54:54
We dressed Rakhee in beautiful bridal jewellery from the Mughal Princess Collection for an authentic traditional look...
Wedding Time
Posted in Trends | By Meenal
2 Jun 2015 23:48:55
A real Indian summer wedding! Read our blog as our Head Coordinator, Meenal heads to India and attends a glitzy wedding - see how she styled Bees jewellery into her looks...
LCT - the colour of the moment
Posted in Trends | By Bees
7 Apr 2015 23:58:35
Light Colorado Topaz "LCT" - the colour of the moment. Find out what it means and why it's on everyone's list to wear this season....
Autumn OOTD
Posted in Trends | By Bees
18 Dec 2014 23:36:55
Curabitur a felis in nunc fringilla tristique. Praesent congue erat at massa. Phasellus leo dolor, tempus non, auctor et, hendrerit quis, nisi. Sed lectus. Donec sodales sagittis magna....
Autumn #OOTD
Posted in Trends | By Bees
9 Nov 2014 23:25:04
Our head Coordinator puts together an ensemble for Autumn ...
Posted in Trends | By Bees
30 Sep 2014 23:04:53
We are proud to announce that our fine jewellery devision, PureJewels, has designed a special edition of the Ganesh and Lakshmi ‘Silver Tola'....
The Trend of the Matha Patti
Posted in Trends | By Hernoor
30 Apr 2014 11:09:32
The matha patti [head ornament] has evolved over the years as a statement piece of head jewellery. Hernoor explores the trend of the matha patti in the bridal world and the affects this Eastern piece of jewellery has had in the West....